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About TNT

Top Notch Teacher Products, Inc. began in January 1993 primarily as a manufacturer making products from Astrobright paper which was fairly new at the time.  TNT was innovative in recognizing what teachers wanted and appreciated.  TNT was the first to manufacture library pockets, sentence strips, index cards, flash cards, word wall cards, chart tablets and many more products using Astrobright paper. There are only so many shapes to make and ways to cut Astrobright paper, TNT began producing other innovative items.  Many of these innovative and new ideas were the result of listening to teachers, their problems, what they wanted to accomplish and their frustration of not having enough time or space.  Solving some of the teachers’ issues would provide us with many new product ideas.  Such solution oriented product development lead to TNT’s Teacher Clips, decorative Border Chart Tablets as well as many other products.


History does repeat itself.  Remembering back to the first commercially printed incentive type charts (1960’s)  that were 22½x28 in size, to an industry leader, recognizing the need for a smaller chart (1980”s) 17x22 (Cheap Charts), TNT recognized the dilemma many teachers, especially those in new schools now have with a lack of usable wall space.  Hence TNT developed Smart Charts, teacher aid charts with a footprint of only 13”x19”.


Education is evolving, as are schools and those that educate our children, teachers.  The modern teacher is much more familiar and comfortable with different substrates and diverse ways to use products.  TNT developed a strong product line using Styrene, vinyl and magnetic materials.  Substrates not available when TNT began using the “new” Astrobright product. 


As is generally the case many of our first products are still some of our best sellers.  Schools may evolve, students become more tech savvy, and technology may lead the way, but bright, eye catching, appealing products do not go out of style.  TNT will continue listening to teachers and end users to develop new products and expand into new alternative educational fields.


Allen Johnson